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      GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_bq_zangyapro

      Contribute to LineageOS/android_device_bq_zangyapro development by creating an account on GitHub.

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      • Hướng dẫn up android one 9.0 cho Vsmart active 1 | Tinh tế

        của mình khi chạy "sdm660_fastboot_all_images.bat" thì nó báo: "error: no devices/emulators found Device does not match zangyapro and cannot be flashed. Check the FW. Press any key to continue

              Vsmart Active 1 ROM STOCK, fix treo logo, XÓA FRP - RomGốc.Net

              Vsmart Active 1 ROM STOCK,Fix Treo Logo, XÓA FRP, Fullrom cho ae đề phòng dính xương, brick do xóa frp, hay treo logo vsmart-active 1-zangyapro_vin-user

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                    • unofficial twrp 3.3.1 Root bq Aquaris X2 Pro (ZangyaPro) - twrp ...

                      Download twrp 3.3.1 root bq Aquaris X2 Pro, user who own bq Aquaris X2 Pro can root it by following the below instructions
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                              Danh sách codename của các máy Vsmart | Cộng đồng VSmart Việt Nam

                              Vsmart Active 1 , product : PQ6001 , codename : zangyapro, zangyapro_vin Vsmart Active 1+ , product : PQ6002 , codename : zero6pro, zero6pro_vin Vsmart Joy 1 , product : PQ4001 , codename : jeice8940, ...

                                    1. [Guide] Unlock/Root/Update/Relock for BQ Aquaris X2 pro (zangyapro ...

                                      It's for the pixel 2XL but, as I told you before, it works perfectly also for the BQ Aquaris X2 pro (zangyapro). So here I summarize what @nathanchance already posted. All credits must go to him. Here ...

                                        ROM GSI Việt Nam Updates – Telegram - t.me

                                        Brand: bq Codename: zangyapro_sprout Build Type: zangyapro_bq-user Build Number: QKQ1.200216.002 Incremental: 375 Tags: release-keys Security Patch: 2020-06-01 Raw Image Size: 2.69 GB Link download:
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                                                Official BQ Aquaris X2 and X2 Pro Firmware Flash File (Stock ROM)

                                                Build version for X2 Pro: 1.2.2_20180611-1702-zangyapro_bq-user-485-Fas. Build version for X2: 1.2.2_20180611-1702-zangya_bq-user-484-Fastbo.

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                                                • HỌC VIỆN ĐÀO TẠO TRỰC TUYẾN-TẬN TÂM-CHẤT LƯỢNG: [VSmart Active ...

                                                  Chạy file .bat trong folder thì báo lỗi "Device does not match zangyapro and cannot be flashed" (lỗi vì thiết bị không phải là BQ Aquaris X2 Pro (zangyapro). Cũng đúng thôi, của mình là "Vê sờ mát ách ...

                                                  • How to Install Stock Firmware BQ Aquaris X2 Pro - ROM-Provider

                                                    Firmware 1.2.2_20180611-1702-zangyapro_bq-user-485-Fas.

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