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    Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

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        Industrial Mixers

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                        Contact ROSS

                        Contact information for our Corporate Headquarters, along with contact information for all of our manufacturing plants and worldwide facilities.

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                                      1. Our mission at ROSS is given to us by our customers every day. Our employee owners are at the HEART of manufacturing, solving problems from concept to completion with a knack for invention. In this way, ROSS adds VALUE to businesses by building SUPERIOR mixing and process solutions for great products worldwide. We foster RELATIONSHIPS through world-class customer SERVICE. Striving to be the world LEADER in Mixing & Blending Technology, we not only imagine possibilities-we CREATE them. pro-kabaddi-league-2020


                                        Two young brothers, John, a baker and Charles, a mechanic, become partners in two businesses, side by side in a small building in Rochester, New York. The bet winner brothers operate a bakery and build grain mills. They prosper for 20 years until the Civil War divides the brothers. Years later, Charles returns to the shop. John lays buried on a hillside in Virginia.

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                                        To eliminate the cost of shipping French burrstones from New York harbor to Rochester, Charles moves his company to Brooklyn. He has great success building stone mills and soon after, the enterprise starts offering various other types of milling machinery.


                                            ROSS introduces the first models of Three Roll Mills, offering them to the paint and ink industry. These roller mills provided some advantages over the stone mill including increased production and easier cleaning. The early factory in Brooklyn begins manufacturing mixing machinery for paints, inks and chocolate pastes.

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                                                    As the national economy expands, the milling and mixing business grows rapidly. Charles bet winner builds a larger plant in Brooklyn.


                                                              On January 18, 1900, the company is incorporated under the name Charles bet winner & Son Company, with both Charles bet winner and his son Charles G. bet winner as stockholders. In April that year, Charles bet winner dies, and his son assumes the position of president.


                                                                    Charles G. bet winner moves the factory to another part of Brooklyn which was fast becoming a paint center in those days. ROSS designs and builds mills for nearby thriving paint companies. The chemical and pharmaceutical also become extensive markets for mills and mixers. Stimulated by the growing automobile industry, producers of lubricants and greases purchase ROSS stone mills. The better facilities of the new plant allow Charles bet winner & Son Company to serve the growing demand and gather enough momentum to carry them through the 1903 recession and 1907 banking crisis.


                                                                      Through World War I, the firm is especially active due to government orders for mixers and processing machines used in making smokeless gun powder. Inspired by the technological advances at this time, constant improvement and research lead to various redesigns and increased efficiency of ROSS machines. Machine tools enable greater precision and speed. Fixtures, jigs and dies of increasing complexity and variety expedite the manufacturing process and pave the way to improved standardization.

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                                                                        The phenomenal expansion of the chemical industry presents a rapidly growing market for ROSS mills and mixers which are steadily becoming recognized by businesses as high quality machines and great investments. The company enlarges its plant and workforce. Soon after, it establishes representatives in San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit. The latter was the center of the automotive industry, a market for large numbers of ROSS equipment used in preparing body finishes, lacquers and colors. During this peak production and prosperity, Charles G. bet winner runs the company with his sons Mortimer, Charles and Lester.


                                                                          The stock market crashes and orders decline to almost nil. During the Great Depression, the company is forced to cut down overhead and operates only three days a week. Employees who had been working there for 20 to 30 years are kept onboard and paid out of reserve funds. ROSS spends the slow years redesigning and improving its products. It finds ways to economize and decrease manufacturing cost. At the same time, the company increases advertising exposure in trade papers such as American Ink Maker, American Paint Journal, Drug & Cosmetic Magazine, and the Chemical Engineering Catalog.


                                                                          The American economy demonstrates its abounding resiliency. ROSS begins filling orders for the growing cosmetic industry which reflected the changing fashions and tastes of women. Charles G. bet winner dies on April 14, 1937 and his eldest son, Mortimer G. bet winner becomes company president.

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                                                                            Due to World War II, European demand for ROSS products greatly increases.

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                                                                            ROSS introduces the world's first change-can Double Planetary Mixer which quickly becomes a popular machine for batching heavy paste paints. It had two sets of prong-like stirrers that rotated on individual axes while revolving around the vessel interior. All the gearing and other moving parts were enclosed in cast iron housings and operated in a continuous oil bath. During mixing, the vessel was fully covered but the operator could view the internals from a lamp-lit inspection window. When the batch is complete, a hydraulic lift raised the driving components and stirrers from the mix can. As the finished product is discharged, another vessel could be placed under the mixer to start a new batch.

                                                                            This was a revolutionary design that improved upon pony-style mixers which were widely being used at that time. The agitator of the pony mixer consists of vertical blades or fingers oriented off-center of the vessel. The blades rotate from a fixed central axis while the vessel, installed on a turntable, turns in the opposite direction as the agitator. The pony mixer was an open system which made it prone to dusting and cross-contamination. The Double Planetary Mixer eliminated these issues and improved operator safety.

                                                                            Not long after, the Double Planetary Mixer becomes a familiar machine outside of the paint and coatings industry. Its ability to turnover viscous, sticky or putty-like materials with great efficiency immediately presented obvious processing benefits to adhesive and sealant manufacturers.


                                                                            Charles L. bet winner succeeds Mortimer G. bet winner as president upon the latter's death on May 10, 1943. Their other brother Lester K. bet winner serves as Vice-President and Treasurer. Years later, Charles' sons Charles K. bet winner and Richard bet winner take over the company.

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                                                                            Charles K. bet winner transfers his interest in the company to his brother Richard who remains president to this day. Under Richard's leadership, a rapid series of growth spurts expanded production to other states and overseas.

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                                                                                  ROSS moves to Hauppauge, a town on Long Island, New York. The headquarters consisted of administrative and engineering offices, a manufacturing shop and soon after a testing lab where customers could test ROSS mixers and blenders prior to purchase. The lab has expanded numerous times in the following decades. Today, the ROSS Test & Development Center is the most equipped testing facility in the specialty mixing industry. A typical mixing simulation test utilizes the end user's actual raw materials and the mixer is operated at process conditions as close as possible to actual production. Proof-of-concept demonstrations such as high shear emulsification, particle size reduction, dry blending, vacuum drying, high viscosity mixing and three roll milling are performed routinely.

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                                                                                      ROSS Metal Fabricators is established in Islip, New York. The fabrication plant later transfers to its present Deer Park, New York location where it continues to manufacture high-quality mix tanks, pressure vessels, kettles and custom-built equipment.

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                                                                                      ROSS Engineering, Inc. opens in Thunderbolt, Georgia. Operations grow quickly and in 1980, the plant relocates to its current facility in Savannah, Georgia. The largest ROSS plant in the USA, ROSS Engineering is capable of producing storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors up to 100,000 gallons or larger. This facility also manufactures large-scale multi-shaft mixers, high shear mixers, vertical blenders and three roll mills.


                                                                                      ROSS Mixing Inc. opens in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Today, this facility designs and manufactures various laboratory mixers, all sizes of high speed dispersers, dual-shaft mixers and ribbon blenders. ROSS Mixing also houses a multi-million-dollar inventory of new and reconditioned equipment, the largest stock and rental fleet in the specialty mixing industry.